Pamper Diaper Pants

India’s Driest Pants- Let your baby's skin be dry and breathe easy with the airy, soft comfort offered by the Pampers Pants. While other ordinary pants seem dry from outside, Pampers Pants with Magic gel and larger absorbency zone keeps your baby dry from the inside for up to 12 hours. This diaper is infused with baby lotion, which moisturizes and nourishes your baby's skin and protects it from diaper rash, roughness and irritation. With an outer layer of cotton-like softness, this baby diaper provides intense care to your baby's sensitive skin and protects it effectively from friction rash and redness. Featuring pant style design, these Pamper diapers are easy to put on your baby and change, which comes as a great help to mothers. Offering complete care and protection, these baby pants will help keep your baby smiling and comfortable at all times. Your baby will laugh and play in comfort of wearing Pampers pants.

  • New and Improved Pampers Pants.
  • Revolutionary 3 extra absorb channels that help distribute wetness evenly
  • These diaper pants have magic gel that locks wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness
  • Flexible waist band on these diaper pants adapts to baby's movements for comfortable fit
  • Breathable soft belt and leg cuffs to help air circulate and keep your baby's skin fresh
  • Baby lotion that moisturizes and nourishes your baby's skin to protect it from diaper rash and irritation


Mamy Poko Baby Diapers

1. Crisscross Absorbent sheet– The sheet has cross embossed pattern lines on the absorbent sheet of the diaper which ensures that urine is evenly spread to all parts of the diaper ensuring diaper is not bulky at one point, rather its evenly spread and soaked all across diaper.
2. BREATHABLE COTTON-LIKE COVER – MamyPoko Pants comes with unique breathable cotton like cover which allows air to pass through that makes baby more comfortable for longer time.
3. All-round elastic wide band – MamyPoko Pants are made with special All-round elastic waist band which ensures that the baby is comfortable without being tight or lose on baby’s body. This band is gentle on the skin and takes the shape of baby’s body. MamyPoko Pants prevents leakage making the baby feel fresh even after usage of upto 12 hours.
4. Winnie the Pooh – MamyPoko Pants comes in special designs of your baby’s favourite character from the house of Disney.
5. Urine absorbency – MamyPoko extra absorb diaper prevents leakage and it can absorb up to 7 glasses of urine, hence baby feels light up to 12 hours.

Huggies Wonder Pants

Choosing the right diaper is one of the most important factors for your baby’s comfort. Introducing New Huggies Wonder-Pants designed to keep your baby dry & comfortable. Its super stretchy elastic adapts to the baby’s waist size to give a gentle, comfortable fit. And it provides up to 12 hours absorption for uninterrupted play and sleep time for your baby. So what are you waiting for? Give your baby unbeatable comfort and dryness with Huggies Wonder-Pants - Available in different sizes from Small to XXL to suit your baby.


Mamy Poko Pants Standard Pant Style Diaper

MamyPoko Pants Standard now provides up to 10 hours absorption and comes at a budget friendly price too. With Soft Elastic and No Tapes, these diapers take care of your baby's delicate skin. Let your baby carry on with his/her natural movements comfortably by putting on Pant Style Diapers MamyPoko Pants Standar.

  • easy to pull up like pants and easy to remove
  • Up to 10 hours of absorption
  • Soft Elastic, No Tapes - It is easy to fit and gentle on skin, It's breathable material keeps the baby fresh and comfortable
  • Soft leg gathers - Fits comfortably and prevents leakage


Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants

5 Star Skin Protection: The Best Pants from Pampers, Premium care pants are cotton like soft and have revolutionary S curve which protects your baby’s delicate skin from rash and redness. Compared to ordinary Pants, these Pants have unique features like all around softness, breathable materials for best skin comfort, wetness indicator to tell you when to change, disposal tape for easy disposal and magic gel which keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours.

 Features and Benefits

1. SCurve design - Gently follow his every move to protect his skin from friction.

2. All-around softness - Silky soft materials keep baby's skin comfortable as he explores the world around him.

3. Top dry layer - Absorbs wetness and locks it away to keep baby's skin dry so nothing keeps him from discovering.

4. Breathable materials- 1 million micropores let fresh air in so baby's skin can breathe as he moves and plays.

5. Baby lotion - Infused with mild lotion to help protect baby's delicate skin from irritation as he runs and climbs.


Huggies Ultra Soft Pants Premium Diapers for Boys

Introducing Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers which are differently designed for baby boys & baby girls for the different ways they pee-pee. With an extra dry layer in the front for the boys and in the center for the girls, it provides them extra protection where they need it the most. Huggies Ultra Soft Pants are also made with Feather soft material both Inside & Out to give our baby superior comfort and uninterrupted playtime or sleep.

  • Extra dry layer in the front for the boys & in the bottom for the girls for the different ways they pee-pee
  • Feather soft material inside & out to keep your baby comfortable & prevent waist-band marks
  • Airfresh cover helps in free flow of air to keep your baby's skin dry
  • Double leak guard prevents leakage along the sides
  • Quick absorption soaks wetness instantly keeping your baby dry upto 12hrs
  • It is easy to wear and fits like an underwear


Teddyy Nappy Pads

Teddyy Nappy prevents moisture from touching the baby's bottom and holds much more urine than a cloth nappy. So instead of disturbing your baby's sleep or letting him ramain soaked in urine you can place Teddyy Nappy Pads in cotton nappy.

  • Super absorbent unisex nappies with leak proof backsheet
  • Extra long pad
  • Super absorbent gel
  • One size fits all babies
  • Sticking Tape and Elastic Leg Gathers to prevent side leakage



First Kids Step Newborn baby Hosiery cotton cloth nappies pack of 24 pcs (multi)(0-6 months)

Firststep baby hosiery cotton cloth nappies makes your baby feels comfortable in any type of weather and condition,It can be easily washable and reusable from birth it self,nappies are designed in such a way it makes your little pie feeling relax every time.

  • Hosiery cotton cloth
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Suitable from birth to 6 months
  • multi colors
  • pack of 24 pcs


Toyboy New Adjustable Reusable Lot Baby Washable Cloth Diaper Nappies

Presenting for the First time from the collection of "Toyboy" Trusted Global Indian Brand a Reusable Washable Cloth Diaper. Now forget stop shedding those extra money on use and through diapers and opt for this Organic Cottong Reusable Free Size diaper. It comes with Adjustable Fraldas to make it fit for your baby at Any age from 0 to 2 years. These One Size Reusable Diaper Cover (Adjusts SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE in the same diaper) comes in Pocket Style . The Outer/Cover Layer is made from New lmproved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric, which is highly Water-Resistant, Breathable and Very Durable. it can be washed without any deformation and gives an ideal protection for your baby, the bed and linens from leakage. Please Note: Please Do Not use hot water to wash it ,Toyboy Baby Cloth Diaper is Germproof Already.


Kuchipoo Premium Quality Padded Baby Nappies Colored - Pack of 6

Kuchipoo presenting this multicolored padded nappies for extra soaking. It is made up of hosiery cotton material which keeps your baby comfort and ease throughout the day.

  • Material: Hosiery Cotton
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Ideal For: Unisex Babies
  • Package Content: Pack of 6



Superbottoms Cloth Diapers Superbottoms Plus Reusable All In One Cloth Diaper For Heavy Absorbency (All In One Cloth Diapers With Pocket) (Baby Talk)

Superbottoms diapers is a brand of eco-conscious, reusable cloth diapers that are not just good for your baby but also are extremely eco-conscious and economical too. This diaper comes with an outer shell that is waterproof (breathable) and 2 soakers (pads). One pad is attached while one is detachable. During the day time, you can keep just 1 pad (attached) and use it for about 3 hours. During nights you can use both the pads and the diaper should last you a good 7 hours or more! This diaper also comes with an additional back pocket to put in extra boosters IF needed. What is the soaker fabric? The diaper has Organic Bamboo Cotton soakers with dry-feel microsuede. Together there are 8 layers of super thirsty organic bamboo cotton. Is the diaper completely washable? Even the soakers? Yes, both soakers and diapers are completely washable and reusable. These diapers fit babies from 5-17 kg. How does one go about using these diapers for the first time? How does one go about using it for the first time? These diapers contain Organic Bamboo Cotton. This being a natural fabric takes 5-6 washes to be fully absorbent.

    • Super soft bamboo cotton fabric providing 7 layers of super absorbency - customisable absorbency by removing soakers
    • Back pocket for boosters if needed - Great for night time diapering
    • Our own proprietary India-Inspired designs
    • High quality fabrics and workmanship for brilliant absorbency and long product life
    • Voted as a great night-time diapering choice. Lasts 8 hours without booster for most babies!

Bottom Genius Re usable Pocket cloth diaper cover with 100% cotton highly absorbing 6 layer Insert

Are you facing problem to discard the used disposable diapers, here is the solution, cloth diapers can be used any number of times and no worries about how to discard the used product. Re-usable Pocket cloth diapers are made of high quality cloth material with water proof outer layer and stay dry inner layer which keeps baby skin dry for long. The highly absorbing 100% cotton 6 layer french terry inserts will keep the kids bottom cool. The plastic snaps allows proper fitting of the product on body. The 3x3 plastic snap system in the diaper allow to adjust the size of the diaper as your child grows. One purchase of diaper will allow to use the for kids from 3 months to 3 years.


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Unlike cloth nappies, same cloth diapers can be used from 3 moths to 3 years.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: It is Eco-Friendly. No worries about how to discard the used product as like disposable diapers.
  • COST EFFECTIVE:No disposable nappy pads required as like cloth nappies and its highly cost effective.
  • LEAK PROOF: Water proof cloth diapers prevent wetting and free from any chemicals.