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Rikang Baby Safety Scissors With Circular Cutter Head For Baby'S Safety- Specially Designed Scissors For Clipping Your Baby'S Nails

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This pair of Safety Scissors is Designed for cutting your baby's nails. The Circular Cutter Head of these scissors is Specially Designed for Safely Cutting Nails of your Infant. The short size of the cutting blades is particularly suited for nails of your little one. It enables you to see the baby's nails clearly so that you don't accidently hurt the fingers. The handles of these scissors are comfortable and very easy to grip. A Protective cover is included. Use the cover for keeping the scissor safe when it is not in use.

Product Features:-

Circular Cutter Head Specially Designed for Safely Cutting Nails of your Infant.

The Short Size of the Cutting Blades is Especially Suited for Clipping Nails of a Baby.

Enables you to See the Nails Clearly thereby Avoiding Danger to the Baby's Fingers.

Comfortable and Easy to Grip Handles. Protective Cover Included for Safe Keeping when Not in Use.

Ages 0 Years Plus, But Especially Suited for Babies Under 12 Months.


Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

These baby nail scissors are made in stainless steel, and have curved blade with rounded ends to ensure complete safety during use. They come with a cover to hygienically protect the blades when not in use.

Mee Mee Nail Cutter

Mee Mee deluxe nail clipper with magnifier is carefully made to making baby nail cutting easier and safer.

  • 4 times magnifiers to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain while trimming baby's tiny nail
  • Shaped and sized for tiny fingers and toes
  • Features precision
  • It complies with the FDA standard


Mommas Baby India Baby Nail Cutter
    • 0 MONTH +


Buddyboo 145126 Baby Nail Scissors with Safety Cap

Baby nail scissors are designed to make trimming your baby's nails safer and easier. Our carefully designed baby nail scissors feature a rounded tip, to prevent accidental cuts and nicks. The balanced handle loops make the scissors comfortable for use by both right- and left-handed parents. The protective cover featuring the makes it easy to take the nail scissors along in the diaper bag.