Baby Skin Care – Massage Oil

Himalaya Herbals Baby Massage Oil (200ml)

Enriched with Olive Oil and Winter Cherry acetate, Himalaya's Baby Massage Oil is clinically proven to be mild enough to use on babies. It is a light, nonstaining oil that can be used before bathing as a massage oil and for moisturizing after bathing. Daily massage has been shown to benefit baby's overall growth and development.

Promotes Baby's General Growth and Development

Improve you little one's general growth and development the Himalaya Herbals baby massage oil 200 ml. Infused with olive oil and winter cherry extracts, this Himalaya Herbal oil will nourish, protect and soften your baby's skin. The olive oil content, which is enriched with Vitamin E, protects your baby's skin from chafing. This oil also helps in strengthening your baby's nails and softening cuticles. Enriched with winter cherry, this Himalaya baby massage oil has a calming effect on your baby and helps in enhancing your child's skin tone as well.

Healthy and Glowing Skin for Your Baby

This Himalaya massage oil is sure to provide your baby with healthy and glowing skin. Clinically tested, this mild massage oil can be safely used on newborn babies. You can use this light oil to either massage your baby before bath or to moisturize your little one's skin after bath. For best results, massage your child with this Himalaya baby oil at least half an hour before bath time. Use this oil on a regular basis to prevent skin dryness. Buy the Himalaya baby massage oil 200ml online to ensure that your baby's skin remains nourished at all times.

  • Ideal for: Nourishing skin and massaging
  • Age: Newborn and up
  • Contains: Olive oil and winter cherry extracts
  • Clinically tested to be mild


Dabur Lal Tail

Baby local nourishment enriched with proven, time tested ayurvedic ingredients. Dabur lal tail is ayurvedic baby massage oil prepared from ayurvedic ingredients, which is clinically proven for its benefits in physical growth of babies.

Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E

Johnson's Baby Oil, delicate floral fragrance, clinically proven mild, triple baby protection, keeps babies smelling fresh and fragrant longer. We love babies and we know your baby's first emotional bonds are built from physical contact, and these serve as the foundation for emotional and intellectual development later in life. Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E is specially formulated for new born babies. Its gentle formula nourishes the skin, making it smooth and soft. It comes with a mild fragrance that stays for a long time. Besides, it is non-sticky. Thus, your sweet little angel will not feel uncomfortable. The gentle Johnson's Baby Oil makes it easy for you to give your little one loving nourishment and your touch helps in stimulating her senses which is critical for her happy and healthy development. Mom's trust Johnson's always mild, gentle and effective.


Dasapushpam Baby Oil

The OIL of Care : Infant skin is sensitive and tender hence requires protection and nourishment. 100% natural Dasapushpam (10 sacred flowers) skin immunity oil is a powerful Ayurvedic oil which acts as a skin & scalp tonic and protector. The 10 sacred flowers are infused in the purest oil- virgin coconut oil. The OIL of Heritage : The Ayurveda healers of Kerala have been using Dasapushpam traditionally to make oils to fight skin diseases, especially in infants. Most of the herbs in this group has strong proven anti-microbial activity and can prevent an array of skin diseases. The oil made out of Dasapushpam is a good solution to day to day skin problems like dry skin and help to achieve a lustrous complexion. Therefore Dasapushpam oil was used to massage the new-born daily before a herbal bath. This practice ensured proper build up of immunity in the new born and adequate skin care. Nature's Veda lineage is 3 generations of Ayurvedic physicians from Kerala. This ensures that the formulation of this skin immunity oil is authentic and has stood the test of time.


Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is extracted from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. It is unrefined, unbleached and cold pressed. Unlike other coconut oil that is extracted through heat, VCO does not possess that latik odor, but fresh aroma of coconut oil. VCO is the most healthy and versatile of all vegetable oils. FOR DIETARY - VCO is rich in medium chain triglycerides which help boost metabolism and provide an instant source of energy. It also has lauric acid in good quantity which helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses and improves immunity. FOR HAIR - VCO contains Vitamin E which is an essential nutrient for healthy skin and hair. It helps nourish and strengthen the hair. The anti fungal properties of VCO help fight dandruff and boost the health of the scalp. VCO can be liberally applied on the hair and let to stay for 1-2 hours or overnight before showering. FOR SKIN - VCO acts as a natural moisturizer and is helpful for dry/rough skin. Using it to moisturize the skin will keep the skin looking soft and supple. VCO is packed with antioxidants, along with the medium chain fatty acids that actually help build cells. This slows down the development of wrinkles and promotes younger looking skin. FOR BABY CARE - VCO's anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties make it an excellent oil for baby massage. It can also be used as a nappy rash cream and prevents any irritation from rashes. VCO can also be used as a natural treatment for cradle cap. The oil needs to be massaged into the baby's scalp and left for 20 minutes. The VCO will act as a moisturizer and will loosen the cradle cap flakes while nourishing the scalp. DISCLAIMER - The benefits mentioned above are of general in nature and might vary from person to person.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Oil

When you need to nourish your babys skin from inside, you need to find a high quality baby oil. Which not only help to nourish your babys skin and hair, but it will also help to strengthen the bone with proper massage. By understanding this requirement of nourishment of your babys skin, Mothercare brings you their Mothercare All We Know baby Oil. This specially formulated baby oil can be used for your babys scalp and body massage purpose.

As this baby oil is enriched with the natural ingredients like Olive oil and Chamomile oil, it helps to nourish your babys skin. A regular massage with this oil will help to strengthen the bones and muscles of your baby. Along with this, you can also use this baby oil on your babys hair to ensure proper hair growth and scalp nourishment for your baby. As this Mothercare baby oil is made with hypoallergenic formula, you can use it on sensitive and allergy prone skin without any worries. This clinically tested oil will also help to keep your babys hair soft and silky. If you are in need of a complete body and hair care oil for your baby, then buy Mothercare All We Know Baby Oil to give your little cherub the best care from his childhood.

Key features

  • Enriched with Olive oil and Chamomile oil, which help to noiurish your babys skin and hair
  • Hypoallergenic formula makes it safe for sensitive and allergy prone skin
  • Recommended for new born and grown up babies
Sebamed Baby massage oil

Apply Sebamed soothing massage oil on baby's sensitive skin for a relaxing effect. The presence of vitamin F and soya oil compound ensure all the goodness of nature is absorbed well by the baby's skin resulting in the development of high skin tolerability. The massage oil is non-greasy, stimulates circulation and promotes digestive and neurological development.

Gentle Care and Protection for Your Baby's Skin

The Sebamed baby massage oil is perfect for taking gentle care and protecting your baby's sensitive skin. As your baby's skin is extremely tender, it is vulnerable to hot and cold weather as well as skin problems like dry skin and diaper rash. This oil acts as an emollient, soothing and softening your little one's skin and is made of 95% natural soya oils. You can strengthen and increase your baby's skin tolerability as this Sebamed massage oil contains a high content of Vitamin F, which is a soya oil compound.

Provides Wide Reaching Benefits

With this baby massage oil, you can protect your baby's skin from harmful effects and also help in stimulating the blood circulation and developing the digestive and neurological system of your baby. Pain caused due to gas, teething and illnesses are very distressing for children. The massage oil for baby from Sebamed helps to relieve such painful occurrences. As it is non-greasy, this massage oil is also easy to apply and doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your hands. Massaging also helps to enhance the emotional well-being between you and your baby.

  • Brand: Sebamed
  • Soya oil with high content of Vitamin F
  • Emollient featuring 95% natural soya oils
  • Relieve pain of colic, gas, illness and teething
  • Non-greasy
  • Includes detailed body massage guide
Chicco Massage Oil

Your baby has extremely delicate skin, so when you are choosing a massage oil for your little angel, make sure that you select the best one. When it comes to baby products, Chicco provides you nothing but the best. The massage oil for babies from the house of Chicco, is a skin soothing massage oil that ensures highest comfort level to your little one and provides nourishment. The product is ideal for daily use for your newborn. The Chicco massage oil contains rice bran oil that absorbs easily into the soft skin of your baby. The goodness of the rice bran oil nourishes the skin of your newborn baby thoroughly, keeping it healthy and glowing. The oil is mildly scented and it makes your baby fall asleep slowly by soothing its senses. The rice bran extracts are extremely beneficial for your baby’s skin. The product can be used daily on the newborn babies.

The Chicco massage oil for babies is clinically tested and free from harmful chemicals, dyes or preservatives that can cause skin irritation, rashes or even allergies. The product comes in a bottle of 200 ml and is alcohol free. It can be conveniently carried anywhere. The Chicco massage oil works gently on the sensitive skin of your baby and contains no paraffin or petroleum. The Hypoallergenic formula of the Chicco massage oil prevents skin allergies. It is recommended for babies, toddlers and even grown-ups. The product is characterised with safe properties that nourishes your baby’s skin and makes it velvety soft. So you can now buy the Chicco Massage Oil and provide your baby with a softer, suppler and healthier skin.

Biotique Herbals Bio Wheat Baby Soft Massage Oil

This nurturing massage formula is a natural blend of pure wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils, and extracts of carrot and galangal, to soothe and help baby ease into the day or night. Promotes parent-child bonding and healthy, glowing bodies.


Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Rogan badam shirin a sweet almond oil it's perfect health, Relieves tension, Strengthens brain power, Goof For heart, Relieves Constipation, Fight Dandruff, Keeps body warm in winter, Nourishes Skin, prenatal / postnatal care, Helps build stronger bones & Good for infants.


Seagulls Olivon Olive Oil

Seagulls Olivon contains the goodness of Olive Oil. Olive Oil has been called 'Liquid Gold' due to its various therapeutic uses and ever growing benefits for maintaining fitness, health and beauty. Olive oil is used to soften the skin and prevent stretch marks. Seagulls Olivon is natural, safe and free from any harmful chemicals and can be safely used for baby massage. It is best for babies oil bath and keeps skin soft glowing and beautiful. Recommended for young and old. Some uses of Seagulls Olivon : * Babies Oil Bath * Diaper Rash prevention * Skin care for winter for all ages * Massage for babies * Massage for Young & Old * Softening Lips * As a Hair conditioner * Soften Hands & Feet preventing dryness and cracks * Prevention of cracked cuticles in winter * For glowing nails. We assure you of best results with regular use. So, Go ahead and get yourself a bottle today!


Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil 100% natural oils for babies and kids

I am mamaearth's bug repellent. You know how difficult it is to keep babies indoors forever, right? Lets prepare them to deal with the bullies that are pesky mosquitoes, gnats and flies. I am natural, DEET free and I have the power of natural essential aromatic oils like Citronella, Peppermint & Lemon Eucalyptus. I keep babies safe and free. I smell great but insects, especially mosquitoes find my odour pungent and run away. Absence of Evil No's and presence of Awesome Yes's - Our products are completely free of known toxins like parabens, pthalates, sulfates, PEG, fragrances, dyes etc & contain amazing natural goodies like Calendula, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera etc. This makes our products safe, gentle yet amazingly hard working for you and your little one.