Baby High Chairs & Booster Seats

When babies grow and are able to feed on solid food it becomes important to inculcate some dining habits in them. Inculcating good habits at an early stage ensures baby learns quickly and feeding time is less messy. Baby High Chairs play a crucial role in developing dining habits for your child. Baby High Chairs make your child have their meals by themselves. Besides the child can enjoy their meal time sitting with a parent at the same height position. Baby high chair & Booster Seats in India has now become one of the required baby accessories.

R for Rabbit Baby High Chairs & Booster Seats

R for Rabbit gladly launches Cherry Berry – the most Innovative High Chair in India that grows with your baby. It can be used as a high chair for dining and can be converted into a Table and Chair. As your kids grow, they can sit on the baby chair, study on the chair and table as well as play on the baby chair table. Cherry Berry comes with all functions that are most important to make its best product in its category.

Chicco Baby High Chairs

Chicco Polly 2 in 1 is the first highchair that follows baby's growth from 5 months up to 3 years of age. In the first period, Polly is real, comfortable and are safe Baby highchairs, ideal for the weaning period.

Luvlap Baby High Chairs

Luvlap sunshine baby high chairs are portable, stylish and comfortable for your kid to enjoy meals with family members. The colored high chair comes with harness and footrest for safety and comfort during mealtimes. The foldable Baby high chairs have a dining tray and is easy to maintain with a wipe clean fabric.

Fisherprice  Baby High Chairs

Here’s a revolutionary new space-saving idea that’s also a great value. The Bundle 4-in-1 High Chair gives you 4 baby essentials in one. Start with one seat, then snap it into the infant seat frame, the high chair frame or the toddler seat frame. So easy to switch and everything you need is included.