Baby Ear & Nose Care

Johnson's Buds (150 Swabs)

Johnson's buds made with pure and soft cotton, sterilized and clinically tested we love babies. And we understand a baby’s hygiene is something that no parent wants to compromise with. The cotton used for johnson’s cotton buds is pure and soft in nature and the finished products are sterilized and clinically tested before packaging. The buds are very thin in texture. Hence, you can even use them to clean the delicate areas of your baby’s body, such as the gaps between fingers and toes and nostrils. These buds for babies can also be used to apply lotions or medicines in sensitive areas. Moms trust johnson's always mild, gentle and effective.


Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Ear Buds - 63 Pieces

Chicco brings to you, specially designed ear buds for your baby. Now clean your baby’s ear properly and gently with these Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Ear Buds.These cotton ear buds are sterile, so they can give your baby a bacteria and germ free cleaning experience. These double ended soft, cotton ear buds are easy to use. The flexible design of these ear-cleaners can easily extend to the unreachable corners of the ears and provide smart and proper ear cleaning without scratching or harming the sensitive corners of the ears. These ear buds can be used regularly for cleaning the baby’s ears gently.

The special ear drum protection design ensures safe and proper cleaning of the tender ears of your baby. These soft, cotton ear buds can also be used by adults. These ear buds can be used with creams or ointments as well. Chicco, a reputed Italian brand that specialises in kids’ garments since 1958, has designed these high quality, cotton ear buds in such a way, that can ensure a secure and germ free cleaning of kid’s ears. To protect these 64 pieces of cotton ear buds from germs and dust, Chicco has packed them in a plastic container. If you are looking for a complete solution to your baby’s ears clean, then this could be the right product for you.


  • Cotton ear buds give a comfortable cleaning experience
  • Flexible design cleans properly and extensively
  • Perfect to use regularly
  • Sterile, bacteria free cotton pads
  • Special design for ear drum protection
  • Touch of Chicco’s quality
  • Biodegradable

  • High quality Plastic.
  • Made from soft cotton.
  • Convenient Hinged case.
  • Flexible and soft Paper. stem
  • They can be used removing ear wax, cleaning nose and navel.


Little's Ear Buds

Little’s Buds are made from 100 percent pure cotton and are untouched by hands. The tips contain extra cotton to ensure safer use. The jar contains 150 + 50 swabs (Free) = 200 swabs.

Mee Mee Baby Cotton Buds MM-1434 Pack Of 2

Mee Mee 100% pure cotton buds cotton balls are carefully made to the highest safety standards. They are ideal for cosmetic use and baby care Our specially designed buds keep your babys ears safe when cleaning and drying . Clean , soft gentle. 100% natural cotton tips. Suitable for cosmetic use. Specially packed for hygiene


Designed to Clean Your Baby's Delicate Nose

Specially designed for the delicate mucus membranes of babies, the Pigeon nose cleaner blister pack is suitable for children between 1 to 2 years. It has a soft nozzle and a rubber pump. Its soft nozzle enables easy and comfortable cleaning of mucus in baby's nostrils so that you don't have to worry about harming your baby's delicate mucous membrane. This Pigeon baby nose cleaner also comes with a nozzle cap that protects the nozzle from dust and other outside elements, thereby enabling you to keep it hygienic.

Safe and Easy to Use

A safe and hygienic way to keep your baby's nose clean, the Pigeon nose cleaner blister is a Doppler-type nose cleaner for babies. It is very easy to use this soft Pigeon nose cleaner; you just have to hold your baby in your arms and insert this cleaner into his nostrils and clean them gently without causing any discomfort. You do not have to compress the rubber pump while the soft nozzle is inside your baby's nostril. It is possible for you to even control the suction of the rubber pump.


Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator with 4 filters and 20 Additional Filters

Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator (lovingly referred to as The Snotsucker ) is a BPA-Free nasal aspirator that is designed to remove mucus from your baby s airways without damaging delicate mucous membranes. Traditional bulb syringes can mistakenly be inserted too high into a baby s nose causing irritation and even bruising to the mucous membranes leading to inflammation and further blockage of the airways. Each Nosefrida Snotsucker includes 4 replacement hygiene filters PLUS an additional 20 hygiene filters. Nosefrida is a doctor recommended nasal aspirator and so easy to use. Nosefrida was invented in Sweden by Ear Nose and Throat Specialists and has been used by Swedish Moms and Dads for years. Nosefrida is effective and hygienic and has been clinically tested. Made By: Nasalprodukter AB Made In: Sweden Made Of: BPA Phthalate Free Latex-Free Polypropylene